Year in Review Holiday Cards


Year in review holiday cards from Minted 2012 was pretty epic for the Montgomerys. Lots of planning. Lots of changes. Lots of enjoying the crap outta each other. When we found this Minted design, we had so much fun coming up with all of the facts + figures we've encountered to create our year in review holiday cards.527 letters sent. That's a lotta custom-made love being delivered. Including our wedding goodies, our Brussels moving announcements and these here wrap ups.Although, unfortunately, our music scene suffered a bit this year at a mere 49 shows, but hey, we did get married and move across an ocean. The number of boxes and concerts are eerily close to each other. That makes me both proud and cringe to think of how much we packed (sorry) into the year.Eight months of marriage and eight countries checked off together. I rather like this arrangement. *wink.Year in Review holiday cards from Minted Year in Review holiday cards from MintedCredits are in order for Taylor Lord who snapped the picture used on the card. For Nicole at The Left Handed Calligrapher and her gorgeous hand lettering on our return address stamp...a sequel to our wedding calligraphy. And for Minted for making our year in review holiday cards possible. If you've used them, link it below...I'd love to check them out!Year in review holiday cards from Minted And with that, we leave you for the year. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!j and a