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Welcome February! A sparkly, hand painted XOXO wallpaper download for you and you and you on this very love-tastic, wintry month. Date nights, shades of pink and party dresses are filling up the calendar. Valentine's Day being on a Saturday is like the donut shop at 5am. It's just soooo good. (Friendly reminder to get in those reservations for next weekend now!) I hope you have a long list of people to whom you want express sweet sentiments. Go on, put it out there..tell that grocer lady her smile is pretty, give your aunt a call or send your cat friend a cat emoji!

Love on lovers.xoxo, Annie

XOXO Wallpaper Download:


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ps. If you post photos of my designs, I’d love to give it some love! Tag me with @anniemontgomerydesign