Writing and The Wind


Cat Stevens, The Wind | MontgomeryFestI've been chatting with friends lately about the whys and the hows and the for whoms of writing. The writing styles that come from a place deep within, no mistaking their writing comes from the heart. It's a beautiful thing. These are the writers that I find myself looking to for inspiration.Oh wait. I started this post because Helene and Taylor asked me (okay, fine. the internet.) what my favorite quote is. That's where this is coming from..I sat down and had a think about it. That's a lie. I was standing up in the shower, shaving my legs. So, in this cubby where so many great ideas have been born, my mind rattled off the most poetic verses and corresponding reasonings. This is where you'll have to trust me because they must have shook off with the excess water from the towel.It has to be the line from Cat Steven's The Wind. It has to be. It's been playing in my head on repeat for at least 9.25 years.And the more I thought, the less that verse means what I thought it did. Which is poetic and ironic in its own right. It used to be all about the music. I could close my eyes and let myself wander off into this secret garden of bliss. Mind you, the previous song on my overplayed playlist was Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen.. so, you know.I digress..The more I thought, the more the verse echoes to whatever creative endeavor we find ourselves passionate about. Whether that's music or painting. My best writing is when I let it go, I let it get weird and strange and don't hold it back - she can be quite the feisty one if she weren't edited.