Winding Through Wine Country


If there was any doubt, we're fitting in here smashingly. SF, you already have my heart. Calm down.One major perk of this city is that it's a destination already on people's agendas. When we started announcing our new city, we had a number of friends who already had a visit scheduled. That works for us a whole lot. In our second week here, we got to visit with twooooo sets of friends from our Dallas lives, including Punch and his lovely girlfriend, Desireé. Since they're from around these parts, they took us to a few hotspots that we needed to know in our 'hood and it only made us suuuper proud of ourselves for mildly blindly picking so well.Then, Omi came and we caught up on a million details since we were roomies back in the day. Good girl time is good for the soul, don't ever underestimate that. Plus, the 10am happy hour marathon of a day was a catch up of sorts too. We recovered and headed out to Napa the next day...which, I'll be honest with you, took more convincing than I'd like to admit - errands vs. wine tasting. Our moving and settling in agenda is filled to the brim. No longer are the days when we have to schedule all of our errands on Saturdays because the continent is closed on Sundays. And we keep forgetting it. Ps. we got our first big kid couch on Sunday too. Well, we ordered it. Why are we still talking about this..Hey, Sonoma!Sonoma Mission // MontgomeryFest does Napa// MontgomeryFest does NapaSonoma mission salut // MontgomeryFest does NapaWe stopped to tour the adorable little town when Ebby heard about this canon salut going off in a few minutes. Everyone pretended like we weren't super curious while we let Omi poke fun at him for wanting to watch the charade. The canon boom was preceded with an explanation of the Mission San Francisco Solano, the last and northernmost mission in Alto California.Sonoma mission salut // MontgomeryFest does Napacheesy. // MontgomeryFest does NapaThe history lesson made us thirsty, so Domaine Carneros winery served up our tasting flights. The sun + the venue + the company...perfecto! And, yes....we squinted our eyes and pretended it was Tuscany. Go easy on us.vineyards // MontgomeryFest does NapaDomaine Carneros winery // MontgomeryFest does Napa// MontgomeryFest does NapaDomaine Carneros winery // MontgomeryFest does NapaI can't even handle the good looks happening here. I'm only sad you can't see how amazing Omi's eyebrows are. That's not weird.Also, major thanks to Bobby for giving us the grand tour of Napa. These three, Napa experts. We count ourselves lucky.Domaine Carneros winery // MontgomeryFest does NapaDomaine Carneros winery // MontgomeryFest does NapaI think this scene agrees with us. Don't disagree with me. Don't even do it.// MontgomeryFest does NapaThere was a lot of talk about food and a town called Yountville. It surprised us how much of a food destination it is, not just wine. // MontgomeryFest does Napa// MontgomeryFest does NapaNapa Valley - picnic style // MontgomeryFest does NapaThe day ended with V. Sattui and pizza at Redd Wood.We're excited to delve deeper and spend some more time at each of these wineries to figure out which ones match our style. We're very serious about this mission of ours.

Favorite Napa winery? Pros for Napa vs. European vineyards?