Visiting Brussels


afterlight (81)Punch! Punch came to visit us alllll the way from Hamburg. He took the Germany-Belgium connection train in for the weekend and the bromance started immediately. Guys. I have to explain something to you. In our little duo, I am by far the more awkward, if you haven't noticed. Not many people get to see the side of J that let's his crazy hang out these days. He's only opened up around one of my friends, UNTIL....Punch! I mean, I totally get it. Punch, who I met for the first time this weekend, is the shiz. He's like this awesome combination of guy's guy (that 5 fraternity brothers Skype pow wow that I witnessed was priceless) and totally the most personable and respectful to his friend's wife who's had her fair share of crashers in her home....most appreciated! So, the weekend that was the tops ::afterlight (82)Music Instrument Museum | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestMusic Instrument Museum | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestMusic Instrument Museum | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestMusic Instrument Museum | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestVisitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestMusic Instrument Museum | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestIt was a typical Royal Palace to Grand Place tour until we walked past the Music Instrument Museum and we had some sort of music lovers unite! moment.  I left the boys to their sight-seeing to go play Wedding Planner/Magic Maker for Miss Bicycle herself and of course the photo taking halted at about that same time. There was Mama Roma's (mmmmm - jealous), Grand Place, and both peeing statues - Mannekin + Jeanneke Pis, of course. By the time we met back up with them at Moeder Lambic, we had some catching up to do. And the artsy photographers came out in us. <--- subjective statement, see:Moeder Lambic | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestMoeder Lambic | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestVisitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestBrussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestThe finale artsy photo courtesy of Miss Bicycle.We ended the night at Monk, where they serve the coveted Westvleteren, big fyi. And wrapped up a great weekend with great friends, especially those who travel 6.5 hours each way for a weekend visit, possibly without an assigned seat.Thanks for the visit, Punch. See you in Oregon!