Valentine's Tour of Europe

Valentines Day | MontgomeryFestI hope every single one of you had a wonderful Saint Valentine's Day! Even those that claim not to believe in it...hope you didn't send yourself into negativity out of the whole principle of the thing! Love is what makes the world go 'round and it should be celebrated. I mean, I'm alive every day, but I still celebrate that fact on a particular day(ssss) each year. There's been wine tonight, so I'm stopping myself before I go off on love. because I could. oh, I could.(Maybe you remember) Justin had planned a surprise Valentine's date night mooonths ago that he fully held over my head the entire time (I'm talkin' - 'I can't wait to give you your Christmas surprise' was met with 'I CAN'T WAIT TO TAKE YOU ON OUR VALENTINE'S DATE!'). Well, in true Belgian fashion, the people of the country up and decided to not take action where they should have and the people affected went on strike. For purposes of goodwill toward men and all that, let me state that I fully support the reasoning behind this particular strike - safety comes before romantic dinners. Oh wait - I didn't tell you what it was - dinner on the Tram Experience! I've been talking about this thing for the better part of our time here and he had to book so early as to have it on this one special day. We've rescheduled and everything is good, except for my feelings towards the baddies. Valentines Day | MontgomeryFestValentines Day | MontgomeryFestValentines Day | MontgomeryFestThere was no way I was gonna match the amount of thoughtfulness that my mister puts into our date nights, BUT with a days notice and him busy at work, I got to work sprucing up our little flat and cooking up a little European storm. Let me mention that my friend, Andreea, calmed my nerves with the idea for a picnic inside and KikiMac gets fulll credit on this here menu idea because she is the party planning Master and that will be on my list of things to coerce me back to the states.A dinner that reflects our journey together! We've had an incredibly adventurous journey, so I chose my favorite countries (and it's strangely close to the order of my affection) et voilà!France // a plate of Brie de Meaux + Roquefort cheesesItaly // caprese salad that we fiiiinally took the time to reduce the balsamic vinegar forSpain // paella!Belgium // chocolates + Dandoy speculoos, duhDrool.How was your weekend? If you tell me how much chocolate you ate, I promise to make you feel better about it by telling you about how much we did..