Trick or Treat | Wallpaper Downloads


It's Halloween week and to kick off the spooky goodness, I made some trick or treat wallpaper downloads to share. We get the sense that San Franciscans take their Halloween trés seriously. We've seen so many decked out homes and even at Justin's work, he's heard 'but it's Halloween' regarding Friday's working conditions. Is it because we've been away from the festivities for two Halloweens so we've forgotten or have the Americans stepped it up while we were gone? This situation happens to us a lot actually where things seem one way and we're not sure if SF has always done it this way compared to Dallas or if the US as a whole has upped its spirit game. Either way, we're happy to be celebrating it. So happy that we've already finished the first bag of mixed candy for the kids. Now we can report to the trick or treaters how delicious it is.The links are below if you'd like a wallpaper for your desktop and/or phone!

Trick or Treat Wallpaper Downloads:


white / black


white / black

ps. If you post photos of my designs, I’d love to give it some love! Tag me with @anniemontgomerydesign


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