Treasure Island Flea Market


Treasure Island Flea Market finds | MontgomeryFestAbout halfway down the white Bay bridge is the exit to Treasure Island. Isn't that a hoot. I love a city that doesn't take itself too seriously. At the end of each month, they hold the Treasure Island Flea market. Cute boutique shops mixed in with funky, old school finds. Food trucks that make for gourmet picnics. There was a band putting the finishing touches on the retro vibes taking over the island. For three bucks, it's a pretty groovy way to spend a weekend beneath the sun. I only wish I'd have known about the water taxi beforehand. We like to ponder why there aren't more water taxis on the Bay and we missed our chance.Treasure Island Flea Market finds | MontgomeryFestTreasure Island Flea Market finds | MontgomeryFestTreasure Island Flea Market finds | MontgomeryFestTreasure Island Flea Market finds | MontgomeryFestTreasure Island Flea Market band | MontgomeryFestTreasure Island Flea Market finds | MontgomeryFestBut, you guys. This view..Treasure Island Flea Market finds | MontgomeryFestFirst holiday as Americans again and it felt good to rock out a red+blue ensemble.Everyone keeps chatting on about fall while we're over here like, 'don't forget the sunscreen!' These bare Belgian shoulders have been getting quite their time in the sun and shorts are the go-to attire these days. We, along with our adventures, are more than happy about it.I found this necklace and it begged to be perched oh-so delicately in that little dimple of my clavicle and when I asked her how much it was, she started with the Bloomingdale's price, and then online for whatever amount, but 'today!' it was something else. J and I shared a gross look of sleaze and were out. But don't think I'm not still thinking about that necklace. On the hour. It's whatever. ( what I tell myself, expecting to unwrap a similar petite package at some non-traveling holiday. got that, hun?) And then there are the Lennon glasses that go with our new lifestyle. I know..I got invited in the magic hippie van with black curtains covering ALL the windows and my tie-dye loving heart hesitated before my SVU-paranoid head shook left to right. but surely its fine.. side note: until Olivia Pope and Phil Dunphy return to us, we've been cuddling up to an SVU marathon that is making my sleeping hours quite colorful. It's an addiction, man. Trying to solve all those crimes. Whoa. Guys. I just realized. What if that is the analytical side of both of our brains kicking in.. We did both start out in auditing. Find that fraud isn't much different from Find that bad okay. moving on then. ..when your side note takes over the paragraph.What is this post even about? Happy Tuesday (which is essentially Monday)!

Treasure Island Flea1 Avenue of the Palms

wait, wait. I missed something - get it guuurl! ^^