Traveling to Brussels


It's been a long week of traveling to Brussels from Dallas.  Slowly our things left us.. Tuesday, the first set of movers came to take a portion to storage - for the things we'll need in a few years.  Friday, the second set of movers came to pack and ship a portion to Brussels - for the things we'll need in a month.Traveling to Brussels | MontgomeryFest

Annie approves

We left with two checked bags - for the things we'll need in a week, just incase they got lost (J's a planner).  And a carry-on each - for the things we can't live without.  The rest of it, we threw out/donated..seemed like enough to furnish a small apartment - for the things we don't need..thanks to our new European lifestyle (!!).  I had to donate most of my closet - which I think deserves a moment of silence in itself (regardless of how much credit J wants to give me, Goodwill is a little bit more sparkly now).The amount of preparation and anticipation and sad puppy dog faced goodbyes felt endless, but we finally boarded our one-way flight on Sunday to Brussels via London.Traveling to Brussels | MontgomeryFest

Our ride to Europe

This is what we looked like in Dallas waiting for our flight...yes, at the terminal D wine bar.

Traveling to Brussels | MontgomeryFestOnce we landed in Brussels, a little more than 15 hours later, we decided there would not be an after photo..apologies and also, you're welcome.

We had a great plan to get our sleep schedule on track right away, but seeing as how it's 3am local time and we've been awake for two hours, we're gonna turn on the music and have a dance party..Bonsoir!A & J