Travel Memories Turned Coffee Table Book


Storytelling our trip to Morocco with Blurb Photo BooksWe've had some majorly rad adventures over the past few years and we love capturing and sharing our passions with the world. This blog has afforded us a wonderful platform to do so, not to mention a huge help in prompting us to organize our favorite snaps and put a few words to them to remember our journeys. Click through to see how we turned our favorite blog posts into a book!Storytelling our trip to Morocco with Blurb Photo BooksI've always wanted to make a coffee table book. It's a decor item that in some ways is unnecessary and in many ways a tangible reminder of incredible memories that makes it so very necessary, not to mention for inspiration's sake. When Blurb contacted us to collaborate on a photo book, I finally had that little nudge I needed to get started on one! And what would be more special than a coffee table book of our favorite travels to pick up and flip through from time to time?I sat down and had a think. We have so many favorites from our trips that it makes choosing one favorite hard. There's a favorite for each category. There's ol' faithful - Paris and, really, France in general. There's the most untouched and un-commercialized - Pula, Croatia - which felt really special to be a part of something so raw (we went just after they joined the EU). There's that one trip with the sun and the alcohol and the anniversary memories that always makes us smile - Portugal. And then there's Morocco. The biggest learning experience of our lives. We had no idea what to expect from Africa, felt so out of our comfort zones, and had to put major trust in people we had just met. It was our 16th country and it gave us a new appreciation for travel and different cultures. And of course how drool-worthy the colors and the sights are. Settled then.Storytelling our trip to Morocco with Blurb Photo Books Storytelling our trip to Morocco with Blurb Photo BooksI pulled my favorite photos and began placing them inside of Blurb's Bookify program. I lettered the title pages, which made it feel all the more mine. The templates are easy to use and I loved getting creative with the different layouts. Another side effect of Morocco was how deep it made me dig within myself, so it's some of my all-time favorite writing. It made transitioning text from blog posts to book easy.In a few short days, my very own book arrived at our door. The vibrant pinks of Marrakech, the blues of Chefchaouen, and the serene whites of Fes instantly take me back to the country. The hard back book makes me want to carry it around London - ya know, because people will probably stop me to ask about it. Our Moroccan memories pop off the pages. I couldn't be happier with the result!Storytelling our trip to Morocco with Blurb Photo BooksWhat travel memories would you like to create a coffee table book out of?This post was written in partnership with Blurb.