Thoughtful Gifts for Any Occasion


Thoughtful gifts for any occasion with Sesame Gifts by SincerelyWe've all been there. You have grand plans of being the one with the most thoughtful gifts, being on top of the birthday cards and engagements and the newborns that you had months upon months to order a gift for. Plans of being the best gift giver. Well, then comes along life. Did you know, there's a rule that you can give wedding gifts a full year after the wedding? We've both received this sort of gift and taken advantage of this lax deadline. It's cool. We've all been there, so we all understand too.Except that now it's 2015 and things are both harder and easier. Harder because we have friends living near and far in every direction you look. And easier because of the technology and companies likes Sesame Gifts who make it super easy for us to look like all-star givers of thoughtful gifts. With the premise that happiness comes from experiences, Sesame packages curated gift sets for any occasion. A gallery of thoughtfully hand-picked and hand-packed gift sets. There are craft beer sets and cocktail sets for your buds and a slew of baby gifts for your sis who's expecting. I mean, if somebody gifted me an ice cream sundae party in a box, I'd have to throw an ice cream sundae party..and that'd make me pretty happy.Thoughtful gifts for any occasion with Sesame Gifts by SincerelyThoughtful gifts for any occasion with Sesame Gifts by SincerelySpeaking of making me happy, Sesame Gifts also believes in treating yourself and offered for me try out their service. I scrolled down once and realized my wish to pick up calligraphy any day now was coming true. So, I ordered the Lettering Love set and now I get to write letters to friends. So, really, it was a selfless selfish gift that I got for myself.When you're not ordering treats for yourself, gift giving to others can get tricky. Sesame Gifts takes the challenge out with thoughtfully curated sets. They take care of the adorable packaging and the brand list is pretty noteworthy to boot. Brands like the lovely Rifle Paper Co. or those Voluspa candles that are kind of too girly to get for yourself, but perfect for gift giving or Tattly tattoos that let me be both hardcore tatted up, but with shiny gold foil and sentiments that get me, like MAKERS GONNA MAKE. Word.Thoughtful gifts for any occasion with Sesame Gifts by SincerelyThoughtful gifts for any occasion with Sesame Gifts by SincerelyAs a bonus, Sesame’s Gift More, Get More campaign is going on now through the end of November. For every $100 spent on Sesame Gifts, you get $20 in credit that can be spent in December for holiday shopping. (Enter promo code GIFTMORE to receive the credit)You can access Sesame online or via their app, which, I must say, is très convenient. After I was done writing sweet nothings to my peeps, I plopped down on the couch, downloaded the app and in two shakes of my iPhone, I had a surprise delivery in queue for a very deserving friend.Thoughtful gifts for any occasion with Sesame Gifts by Sincerely 

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