The Proposal


In honor of our one year anniversary coming up, I'm going to flood the blog this week with how the Montgomery Wedding Fest went down. First up, the proposal..New Orleans Proposal | MontgomeryFestFriday, October 7th, 2011. We were planning on heading to the LSU/Florida game in Baton Rouge that weekend, so we took off a little early to introduce J to New Orleans for the first time. The Florida game is always the 2nd Saturday in October, so it'll be easy for me to remember our date...J's on his own on this one. We were supposed to catch our flight Thursday night around 8pm and have a little night in NOLA. After shutting down the Dallas Love Field Chili's bar, we finally boarded after midnight and got to our hotel around 3am. Needless to say, I was exhausted and rather confused why he woke me up ready to see the city at 8am on Friday..not our traveling style.

From his point of view: It was THE day. It had to be New Orleans, she loves the atmosphere. She was preoccupied with the LSU game and wouldn't see this coming. So, how could I sleep in? It was tough to get ready that morning. I hid the ring in my shaving kit, that she likes to keep her toothbrush in. Crap. This is harder than I planned..hurry up and move the bag, but slyly, so she doesn't notice. Phew. We're out the door.

We went to grab brunch in Jackson's Square, the middle of NOLA, at Stanley's. Yum. We decided we'd take a carriage ride to be cute. When we walked outside, we took a detour to the cathedral just across the square from the carriages. I remember there were little girls in school uniforms that passed us in a line, singing. Way mignon. Then, we crossed through the square continuing our plan, when J stopped near the middle and started hugging me.

The original plan was to ask her that night. But I had this diamond in my pocket. I was nervous. I had to let her know.

He was telling me about his love for me and us and being completely mushy. At first I didn't think anything of it because he's very affectionate and we have grossly cute impromptu moments all the time. But, he kept going. Why were we stopping in the middle of the park for so long. The words kept coming. And then,

"I guess what I'm trying to say is.."

Onto his knee. Pulls out THE ring and reaches for my hand..

"Will you marry me?"

The cathedral bells chimed at noon. (chills.)

"Yes! Yes, yes. Yes! yes...."

I just remember it was all I could get out...and showing him the correct finger. You'd think after months of playing with that one finger (and he thought I wasn't noticing...girls, who wouldn't notice that?!), he'd have gone to it immediately. Precious.After standing there for half an hour, we moved to the nearby benches...I guess we thought we'd look more normal there. And then started on the phone calls.We finally got around to that carriage ride around the French Quarter. Completely giddy. The tour guide must have thought we were crazy because he'd turn around to see why we weren't laughing at his cheesy jokes and there we were, plastered smiles, staring at each other. It was the funnest day. I'm so glad he got nervous and asked early in the day, so we could be giddy and soak it in longer.We drank fancy drinks on a patio off of Canal Street and reserved dinner at some ritzy joint, and then had desert at the hotel resto. Always making sure they knew what happened that day.Oh, and of course LSU won. I wish I could bottle up J's reaction to seeing Death Valley for the first time..impressed doesn't reach it for him and proud doesn't reach it for me.New Orleans Proposal | MontgomeryFestCongrats for making it through that sappy thing. but, I'm glad we have it in writing. I've already forgotten some of the details and I want to be able to tell it when we're fully gray - 'When Harry Met Sally' opening montage style.I'm a sucker for engagement stories (and J pretends to be for my sake), we'd love to hear how your journey began..Tomorrow we'll be sharing a few engagement photos and the paper products that took over our lives!