That's Some Mighty Love

You know that saying about sticks and stones and how words can never hurt you? Well, that's not really true, is it? Words really can hurt, like bad. Especially in today's world, where everything is sent to the public so easily...good or bad. But, it's the negative ones that can do some big time damage. So, when I came across Nat The Fat Rat's project #mightylove to help battered women of New York and women everywhere, I was so inspired - let's start a revolution! The idea is to spread a little lady love over the media platforms - flood it with words that inspire and encourage. I mean, how amazing is that? Such a simple thought, curated 2013 style. So, on that note, I challenge you to send out some good vibes this week - remind someone that you enjoy their company, tell her you like her bracelet, say the compliment that you've only been might have a bigger impact than you imagine. I'll be playing along on instagram. And if you feel inspired, it's #mightylove.20130404-211141.jpg