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November is just a smorgasbord of thankfulness and I'm all about it. Particularly on this lovely Veterans Day or Armistice Day (depending on where you find yourself today), I have such a huge heart thinking of the men and women who have made so many, incredible sacrifices to keep us safe. THANK YOU to all who serve and have served!

I'm also really thankful (for each one of you who reads this and every single interaction I get to have with you that I wouldn't have had I not started writing in this space. It's pretty dang cool. So, I made you a wallpaper download so you can think about me every time you look at it...or you can just be happy at it, I'm cool with either one.

Thankful Wallpaper Download:


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ps. If you post photos of my designs, I’d love to give it some love! Tag me with @anniemontgomerydesign