Sunday Mornings Around Here


Sunday Mornings | MontgomeryFestTypical Sunday mornings around here include sleeping in, lounging way too long, taking turns getting each other coffee, and planning slash dreaming about our upcoming slash eventual adventures. The scene and the side of the bed is pretty similar to that of our weekends home in Brussels, including scenarios like this minus the speculoos. (*cough* speculoos would make for an excellent holiday package, Belgian friends. *ahem* excuse me.)We took a stroll down to the beach on this particular Sunday, where we stopped for coffee and a patio view of the bay. 

Black Point Café882 N. Point St.San Francisco, CA 94109

Sunday Mornings | MontgomeryFestSunday Mornings | MontgomeryFestSunday Mornings | MontgomeryFest Sunday Mornings | MontgomeryFestSunday rocked a particularly fab pair of frames that Firmoo sent to me. Guys. They're totally fake. I love them so much. Better to see you with, my pretty. We've decided they're my game blog face. Literally. A placebo for writing like the greats. ps. They have a first pair free program, so we should coordinate which glasses we'll pick out next.Sunday Mornings | MontgomeryFestIf you look closely both above and below, you'll see a team of crazies who swim in that frigid water, a bird, and me...all in their natural habitat. Shhhh..Sunday Mornings | MontgomeryFestSunday Mornings | MontgomeryFest..this is what happens when you're leisurely walking around San Francisco. Just your normal street, when BAM! Look to your left, 'hey Alcatraz!'


glasses | scarf | tee | pants: similar

So, tell me. Would you rock glasses if you didn't have to and are you as big a fan of birds as we apparently are?