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Style post featuring An Astrid Endeavor | MontgomeryFestphoto by Kelly | K.L.P. Creative

Oh, Etsy. That rabbit hole of inspiration. It's filled with budding entrepreneurs who are relatable - we probably all have friends on it, and creating things with their hands + hearts. That's how I came across An Astrid Endeavor, perusing Etsy for a particular soirée collaboration. Astrid's pieces caught my eye immediately. I mean, this embroidered geometrical necklace? SWOON. The more I poked around, the more intrigued I became about her story. It's evident that her craft comes from a meaningful place. Her love of Africa and the intricate details she includes, I had to know more.. Check out Astrid and I's Q and A sesh after the jump + an exclusive discount to An Astrid Endeavor just for you!

Style post featuring An Astrid Endeavor | MontgomeryFestStyle post featuring An Astrid Endeavor | MontgomeryFestStyle post featuring An Astrid Endeavor | MontgomeryFest

when it all started..

"It started with my needing to get back into the creative game a few months after I became a mom. Working on projects and being creative is something that is so much a part of my life I feel incomplete without it; actually it's almost like a necessity: like breathing- which I realize is pretty extreme to say- (like I would die without it)- but, that's pretty close to the feeling! 

So I jumped back in making jewelry, which has always been my creative constant, but this time, instead of working with metals, clay or glass- which requires time, machines and loud noises, I turned to embroidery as a way to create in those quiet moments when my daughter was asleep. As my daughter gets older, I am able to adjust more and reintroduce those other materials that I love to work with. I can't wait to start making beads again, get back into metal work and start using more clay pieces too. But for now, I have really fallen in love with the colors, the materials and the meditative, concentrative focus that embroidery allows for.

amazing African influences..

I'm a mom of a little sweetie born in Ethiopia. We became a family when she was an infant and the rest is history! I wanted to incorporate and honor elements of her rich culture within the pieces I create and as a way to connect to the larger adoption community. That's what I am always striving to do myself, so making things that other's can share with their children has been so special. Every holiday season I make and send out so many Africa ornaments as well as other personalized ornaments and it makes my heart just about burst with happiness to know that those ornaments will be treasured and passed down as heirlooms and connections to every adopted child's heritage. 

favorite part of the job..

I absolutely love sharing my creative vision with others and am so honored to know that people around the world are gallivanting around town in my unique handmade pieces. These people feel the same way I do about the individual person hand making something with a lot of love that's a unique design, with attention to detail and craftsmanship. 

a particularly great Saturday would look like..

Luckily, my ideal Saturday is one that looks a lot like it already does. I love to spend time with my daughter on this day- ideally we are outside at the beach or exploring some part of this great city we live in, then it's a fun late afternoon snack outside listening to music. I love winding down the day with her, watching the sunset and reading books. Then, it's off to bed for her and it's time for me to get to making! Chances are that on a late Saturday night that's what I am doing while Netflix plays reruns of "The Office" in the background!"


Astrid is giving 15% off to MontgomeryFest readers through the end of March! Use the code: mfestA HUGE thank you to Astrid! I feel lucky to have met you, darling! xxo.

Find An Astrid Endeavor here:The Etsy ShopInstagramFacebookTwitter#AnAstridEndeavor

Style post featuring An Astrid Endeavor | MontgomeryFest

on me..

embroidered necklace: An Astrid Endeavorlip stain: Revlon | arrow necklace: myyjewelry | t-shirt dress: similar | jean jacket: similarguitar string bracelet: eye on the sparrow designs | rings: Barcelona market

All photos by Kelly Popejoy at K.L.P. Creative