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Bring it, Color / Style | MontgomeryFest

photo by Kelly | K.L.P. Creative

Gah! California. Must you be so boastful? I mean, not right now. Right now you're (relatively) frigid as I walked home from work with my hands warming in the pockets of my light blazer. heh. The price you pay to walk home along the Bay. But this weekend! My dear goodness, this weekend you brought it with the beach-worthy warmth and the harsh photography sun that we just had to make-do with. My sun-kissed cheeks thank you. Thank goooodness Kelly and I had scheduled a playdate that allowed us to celebrate the sun! Kelly is one of those fabulous souls who gives you energy just to be around. I always leave her feeling inspired. Inspirational friends and twirly dresses. What more could a girl want? It was a day of clear blue skies, frolicking about San Francisco, letting creativity lead us to mosaic tiled schools and neon colored front porches (trespassing, whaa?).Here, let me show you..Bring it, Color / Style | MontgomeryFestBring it, Color / Style | MontgomeryFestBring it, Color / Style | MontgomeryFestRecognize some of these pieces? After a quick measurement of the essentials, where I made Justin put away his work computer to assist me in my work (ha!), and a week of waiting, eShakti sent me this dress for the Galentine's Day Soirée. It was custom-made, which is quite convenient when you're five foot two, rounded up. (When I was showing J these photos, he stopped on the top photo up there^ and exclaimed, 'That one looks cool!' I can only imagine he had never seen me look so tall before.) But, really, it's convenient whatever your particular body type, don't you think? Aaand! The arrow necklace that has yet to leave my décolletage that was featured in the soirée's favor bag!Bring it, Color / Style | MontgomeryFestBring it, Color / Style | MontgomeryFestBring it, Color / Style | MontgomeryFestSF and it's gems. We're thinking of starting a map of the cute mural walls and pops of pizazz around the city for when we venture out on photoshoots. So, if you have must-photo spots, send 'em my way, will ya? You're the best.Bring it, Color / Style | MontgomeryFestBring it, Color / Style | MontgomeryFest

dress: eShakti | blazer: similar | necklace: myyjewelry | lip stain: Revlonguitar strings bracelet: eye on the sparrow designs | shoes: similar

All photos by Kelly Popejoy at K.L.P. Creative