Storybook Charm in Nuremberg, Germany


Nuremberg GermanyThe last stop on the most epic road trip to date. After stops at each of these cities..

Basel // Lucern // Milan // Verona // Ljubljana // Zagreb // Pula

..we pointed our car back to Brussels and made only one stop in between :: Nuremberg.Nuremberg GermanyNuremberg GermanyNuremberg, Germany via MontgomeryFestGermany has this unmatchable charm that never disappoints. They love a good miniature statue and that makes us love them even more. Now, if only Belgium could take a cue from their cleanliness and organizational skillz already...a girl can dream.Nuremberg, Germany via MontgomeryFestNuremberg, Germany via MontgomeryFestNuremberg, Germany via MontgomeryFestSee example of charm in photo below...Nuremberg GermanyJust kidding. They're also adorably cheesy..Nuremberg, Germany via MontgomeryFestAnd their churches are nothing to scoff at...Nuremberg GermanyNuremberg GermanyBut, really, these darn statues get us every time...Nuremberg GermanyNuremberg GermanyNuremberg Germany

What was the greatest road trip itinerary you've ever done?!