State of the Fest


Oh, yes, yes.We've been not-so-secretly keeping a little secret over here. Usually when I hint to something of the sort in person, people immediately look at my belly (never mind the fact that we're usually celebrating the news over wine), so I'm a little more at ease that you can't check out my bodacious pj situation I have going on. Even so, I've put off telling you until now -We're moving to London!Next week!This is gonna be gooood, y'all. A year and a half in San Francisco and we made a good run of things. Things like Friday night wine at the beach, Muir Woods, strolling the Embarcadero, taking the little streetcar like it was no thang, impromptu walks across the Golden Gate Bridge, and the most normal of them all - turning an unsuspecting corner to take in amazing vistas. After all this time in our little flat and I still get butterflies when I walk out, turn left, and see the view of the hill, the historic ship from Hyde Street Pier's national preserve, and Alcatraz down our street, while wafting the smell of the original Ghirardelli. NBD.But, after all of the sunny days (El Niño aside), it just isn't the chilled out vibe that we had hoped for and heard about.  We've missed the travel and cultures and the conversations swirling around travel and cultures! Not to mention how blogging was much more organic and I wrote because we had constant adventures and the stories tumbled out of me. Here, the writing was more business. Good or bad, it's how the infrastructure is set up here. Experiences take a backseat to the numbers. Well, I'm taking it back. I'm channeling my inner Fes writing and getting back to why I started this little blog. A year and a half back in America, and we've realized just how European we've become.You wanna know something funny? We've never been to the UK. We lived an hour away in Brussels. Also, the only times I've ever been to Europe is to live there. I have lots more to share with you soon (including a new look and lots more hand lettering), but first - an international move!

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