Sightseeing Brussels


Visitors Itinerary | Cantillon Brewery | Brussels, BelgiumLast week, J's grand little, Kent, from college came to visit. (kinda adorable, right? the boys didn't appreciate it, but don't tell me that kinda adorable stuff if you don't want me to cling to it. I mean, college..having little bros to look after. in sorority, totally normal. in fraternity..s'cute. okay, I'm done.) We lunched at Belga in the sunshine and toured the Cantillon Brewery. The inevitable frites were of the Jourdan variety and I created another Andalouse fan - s'not hard.Visitors Itinerary | Cantillon Brewery | Brussels, BelgiumVisitors Itinerary | Cantillon Brewery | Brussels, BelgiumHe had hit all the must-dos in Brussels while we were at Werchter, so our work was easy - patio hop. We hopped downtown to St. Gery, stumbled upon Place St. Catherine, and finally made it to the Britxos Jazz Night that we've unsuccessfully planned for every Monday that we've lived here.Visitors Itinerary | St. Gery | Brussels, Belgium Visitors Itinerary | St. Gery | Brussels, BelgiumVisitors Itinerary | Place St. Catherine | Brussels, Belgium Visitors Itinerary | Place St. Catherine | Brussels, BelgiumIt was worth the wait. I don't know if I've eaten so well in my life since we've met Chef Alex (see, favorite). He surprised us with reserved seats in his perfectly and wholly instagrammable venue (that's how I determine how much I love someone's decor these days.) The table was filled with new and old friends that made the night a dreamy one. Acoustic guitar and jazz horn playing in the background, I think we tasted the entire kitchen in tapas. They also make a maniac of a mojito. I'm in love.Visitors Itinerary | Britxos | Brussels, BelgiumBritxos Jazz Night Britxos Jazz NightVisitors Itinerary | Britxos | Brussels, BelgiumThe next morning, J had to go to work, so before Kent left town I took him to the best bagel shop we've found in this city - Karsmakers. Seriously. If you're only slightly a fan of bagels and coffee, this place is worth checking out in Place Lux. Although, after all that, neither of us got the bagels, but the coffee and patio were enough..Visitors Itinerary | Karsmakers | Brussels, Belgium