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// this is actually the point of a 3D printer.// Maroon 5 crashes weddings.// I get it, man. ask me how our repatriation is going.// alpaca this sweater and be ready for fall.// before we leave, Uptown Funk you up.


It's here! The day I get to show off my Bonnaroo babe, Katy from Designs By Katy! Interior Designer Extraordinaire, which I'm pretty sure her official title. Or it should be. Girl has talent. If it's not the most posh hotel in Dallas (which is saying a lot) then it's some tv camera who wants to feature her. We just can't help it, guys. We all want to show her off.

Designs by Katy InstagramDesigns by Katy InstagramDesigns by Katy Instagram

Find plenty more design inspiration where that came from on Katy's Instagram.