September | Monthly Wallpaper Download


Four months into this applying-for-residency-can-I-have-my-papers-now sitch we have going on and the wanderlust is real you guys. I'm going all out and taking September to Venice. Taking our desktops to the iconic view down the Grand Canal. It's about right, ya know. I bet the tourists are starting to go home. I mean, not all of them. There are always tourists there, because it's Venice and it's islands and they're small and there's only so many places you can go. But, like, less tourists. And the water is the perfect temperature. I just know it. This photo is from our trip back in November 2013, when it was rather perfect and we went to Italy twice that month: Venice and Rome. Are these getaway photos really helpful for our desktop productivity? It's okay, I won't let any bosses see the responses..


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