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Ruraq Maki | MontgomeryFestI'm beyond excited to introduce you to our newest endeavor - Ruraq Maki! It all started when Justin went to a career fair for board memberships in San Francisco earlier this year. He sent me the list of organizations beforehand and Ruraq Maki stood out to me immediately with its focus on helping women artisans create their crafts to provide independence. My grad school concentration is in Non-Profits and I've always had a soft spot for helping less fortunate areas build something sustainable. The board was looking to fill spots for the Treasurer position and, not publicized, the Graphic Design and Marketing position. Hello, meet Justin and Annie! It was all too perfect. I'm working on the website re-design, but I wanted to introduce you to the organization as we have an exciting week going on, details after the jump!Ruraq Maki | MontgomeryFest

Ruraq Maki is Quechuan for 'Hands that Create'

Ruraq Maki works with artisan communities who are living in poverty and with little resources available to them. The program's reach is currently two-fold: the Yanamilla Prison Project for incarcerated women in Peru, who find themselves with no where to turn in an area with very little gender equality and for rural women in extreme poverty in Bolivia. It acts as an intermediary between the artisans and the global market, which is often inaccessible to these communities. We provide a market to sell their products in the online shop. (If you've peeped my Instagram lately, I'm quite obsessed with the Woven Cosmetic Bag!) We also teach them about fair trade pricing and practices, so that they can market their products on their own. I love this shot of the ladies in Bolivia selling the earrings they learned to make at a Ruraq Maki workshop!Ruraq Maki | MontgomeryFestThe workshops provide education programs aimed to increase the artisan’s income generating skills and provide them with knowledge and skills to be sustainable. Our workshops are designed around the specific needs of a community and often communities have no other access to this knowledge. Workshops are free, open to all members of a community, and materials are provided. The main way we fund these workshops is through the annual auction being held now through June 15!Ruraq Maki | MontgomeryFestRuraq Maki | MontgomeryFest

Ruraq Maki envisions a world where all artisans earn a fair and just income, allowing them access to basic resources, such as food, water, shelter, education and health care.

Ruraq Maki is celebrating its 4th Annual Auction and Fundraiser for women living in extreme poverty in need of work and skills training. The auction ends Monday, June 15th, so join us in bidding to support and provide educational programs, which provide free workshops to over 100 women in Peru and Bolivia. This year, we're excited to introduce a week-long business development class to the ladies in Peru in addition to a leather-working class and an advanced jewelry-making class in Bolivia. Peruse the Auction Catalogue and snag amazing gifts at a fraction of their retail value all while helping a great cause! Or you can donate or find other ways to get involved at our support page. The majority of the items are from merchants in the Bay Area, but you could totally use this as an excuse to make that trip out to Napa. *wink*

All photos by Ruraq Maki