Repat Update // 02


One month.

Did yours fly by too? Today marks four weeks since we landed at SFO with a million observations ready to make. I'm thinking because we were beyond ready to get here, that the last month in Brussels leading up to it inched its little second hand along. But now! Now, we're here and reveling in our new city so completely that time is making up for things. In a weird sorta way, though. I feel like I'm just trying to keep my head above water to keep up with you folks.

I miss you.

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We moved out of the hotel and into our new apartment. Ahem, our new home. The air mattress was a cold and restless camp out and I was more than ready when one magical Wednesday, after just five long days of despair on that air mattress, two deliveries were scheduled. Our air shipment arrived from Brussels, as well as our Dallas storage unit that we haven't seen in two years.

Our stuff. I feel terribly materialistic just talking about it, but anyone who's lived out of a suitcase for a dragged out period might sympathize. It's all fun and games until you reach for a fork to eat the salad you just picked up on your way home because you're tired of eating out every meal. By the way, grab an extra set of takeaway forks when you're exiting Trader Joes. I saw a homeless man ingeniously eating from a rolled up cardboard piece. So, I'll stop complaining.

The wedding box was in our Dallas storage. So, you know, we made a big deal out of opening it together and gushing about our wedding all over again. Oh, I'll tell you what's in a wedding box. The wedding suite of invitations and rehearsal dinner menus and cards with little notes from RSVPers. We judged all of you so hard. It was fun. By far, my favorites had to be the answers to our alternative guest book questions // 'when did you know we were meant for each other' was met with 'sinse we met Justin & you guys would be by each other always & stare at each other.' I'll refrain from posting specifics to protect the little ones in our wedding who are now not so little and their voices have changed and misspelling words isn't adorable anymore. Makes me sad.

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The thing about time. In a weird way, we're already here - our bedroom mostly set up, a couch and a tv with, for the time being, an ironing board as our coffee table (it's genius and it's weird. don't tell anyone okay?). Justin is finding his groove at work and we live near our top choices for grocery stores. But, in the meantime, it's hard not to feel antsy to have our home put together as we see it. We have deliveries coming every other day and the days before the next delivery seem to go excruciatingly slow.

Take our couch for example. We have seating, lots of it, actually. So, we're fine. But it's the cuddling. It was missed. Our couch in Brussels was a far cry from a good cuddle couch. You know what I'm talking about. A couch where you plop yourself down in an unwieldy manner, maybe adjust the pillow once, entangling legs, almost-too-small blanket pulled up to cover both bodies. Justin and I fit together quite poetically. Like little Legos. But anyway, the couch. So, we only ordered it a week ago, but it's kinda like we've been waiting for two years for this couch. Actually, let's go a little overboard and say we've been waiting our whole lives for it because it's the couch of our dreams before our dreams ever even met each other. When it arrived, I spent the day sending sofies to J until he could run home to my arms...which were obviously on the couch. Sofies. Don't you love it? We could pound sign that.

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I've been spending a lot of time hanging out on my Pinterest board looking for decorating ideas.

We've logged alotta hours home decor shopping, taking froyo breaks, then more shopping.

I have a desk! Let's call it MFestHQ, shall we.

It is harder than you'd expect to find hangers for old-timey San Franciscan homes. Going on round 3. Apparently, we have a prima donna of the closet world.

That giddiness has calmed itself but only just a tad. Things are becoming normal and routine.

We've started doing some light cooking in our kitchen. Tonight's menu is shrimp salad.

Major complaint coming in 3... TWO weeks for internet! It is 2014, right? I thought so. This only means that I have an addiction and have been spending my days at the coffee shop where I've racked up enough points for a free large coffee and they don't ask what my name is anymore. I'm okay with it....but then again, we're on the having internet at home side of it now. Our phones and computers link to our tv wirelessly and everything is at our fingertips. We're becoming spoiled quick! The giant tv actually hurt my eyes after two years of a leetle computer screen.

The niceness of people in general is still heartwarming. We're greeted often with a, 'how long are you in town for?' or a, 'where's home?' and it gives me so much joy to say we're around the block. There's this respect that happens instantaneously. We're buds. Neighbors. 'I'll see you around!' as we sweep past the wide-eyed tourists. People travel around the world to visit this spot and imagine what it'd be like to live here. This vacation destination is our home.

Our events calendar is filling up quite nicely.  Film School and Ray tickets should be arriving soon in their beautiful, tangible, paper form (e-tickets be dmned.).

Last week I got to don my heels and go to a fashion bloggers launch party. Caroline from Perfect 10 is the cutest in so many ways.

And then, it was girls night at #HappyMailHappyHour. Bobbie from Even If Nobody Reads This hosted a snail mail shindig with paper + Prosecco. There is probably letterpress in heaven. Letterpress and washi tape. I need you to see my new friend's handwriting, because...

Katie from Lovely Letters calligraphy // Photograph by BEACH CRAB Photography // #HappyMailHappyHour | via MontgomeryFest

..Katie from Lovely Letters, ladies and gentlemen.

#HappyMailHappyHour // Photograph by BEACH CRAB Photography | via MontgomeryFest

Thanks to Mitzi at Beach Crab Photography for the party pics! (Iloveyoursmile)

Remember when Mexican food was our mission and we talked about it a little..too..much? Well, now we have friends in high places that help us out..

Crisis averted.

We thought walking on the right side was a thing? When did that change, America?

Speaking of Europe, we did some tastings in Napa and now we have to admit something (we have to for the sake of...something). Both parties experienced a tinge of disappointment. Don't get me wrong - it was beautiful! Yes. Just not AS beautiful as Italy. And we feel like total d-bags for even thinking it. But, c'mon. I even saw labels with 'California Champagne'. I'm not okay with that. Casually referring to it as Champagne is one thing because it simplifies things, but if you're a bubble maker, know your bubble labeling rules. I'm done.

At the mall, J thought he felt the ground shake and he felt the need to ask me, 'did you feel that?' There was a death glare involved.

It has come to my attention that the limited number of photos I've posted since the move (geez life, make room for some writing) have been very agua heavy. I'm working on it. The city life deserves some showing off too. So, this is me making a point to include on-land photos. I can't make any promises for next time.

How has your week been? Wordy Woodpecker out!