Progressive Happy Hour


Visitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestThis is Jennifer and Tanner. They're friends of the Dallas crew variety. Tanner was one of the first friends I met when I moved to the city. The four of us all started at the same firm and met our significant others while there...pretty typical accountant stuff. In fact! They got married a month before we did. Justin and Tanner went to school in Texas, but what's really important is that Jen and I are SEC gals. So, you know, we were really good at finding things to celebrate.On the first day of their trip, it was perfect stay-inside-and-catch-up weather, otherwise known as bar-hopping weather. So, that's exactly what happened. First, the right side of Jourdan. Then, the left..I think that's where Jen fell for the cherry beer. I'm still really proud.Visitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestWe moved onto Place Flagey because our friends fit in really well at Belga (like, really, really well. like, so well they should come back) aaaaand then Sarah joined us!..our three went to four..Visitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestAnd Justin finally got off work....and four turned into five.Visitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestSorry about the iphone photos. They actually keep going.Apparently, Tuesday night at Belga is game night at Belga. And the challenge was accepted by all.Visitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestThe game night volunteers spoke English sparingly and the matching game was the easiest to explain. So, matching game it was. We worked up an appetite matching purple rhinoceri, so we TripAdvisor'd it up and found Le Patio d'Ete that we're hoping will live up to its name come summer. Major foodie alert. Not that any of us are proclaimed foodies, but we pretended to be that night. We probably each had a different genre of food and were each respectively impressed by our plates. Check it.Visitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestThe next day was for sight-seeing and croque-monsieurs. Tanner found a hat. And due to it being Wednesday and all, the day was perfect for the Chatelain market.Visitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestVisitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestVisitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestVisitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestVisitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestLaura joined us! And once again, three turned into four and four turned into five.Visitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestVisitors Itinerary | MontgomeryFestAnd then we ate some restaurant out of olives and had a photo shoot outside. I'll spare you more phone pics, but you get the gist: it was a great visit.That hat, right? Fairly certain that is the greatest souvenir in the history of souvenirs...ya know, unless you like have a baby or something..wink.Thanks for bringing goodies and thanks for the laughs and dinners and for just hanging out with us like Europeans..but, like, with a bunch of Americans!