Mural wall in Brussels Belgium | MontgomeryFest

Happy Friday!

The weather here in Brussels has been completely braggy as of late. We're talking birds chirping, flowers budding, short-sleeve wearing in the sun braggy. You can do it Spring, you can!

We had some sorta pollution warning yesterday, advising drivers to take public transport. Those drivers, so stubborn. *wink..18 months and counting. Whoa! I just did that math and we have been here for a year and a half and four days. That's like a milestone or something? I'm actually telling you this before I tell Justin, except that he'll read it when I send it to him to edit cause I do that. Security blanket or team effort or something.

That was a very important tangent.

So, yeah. The pollution warning. We decided to take off to the Bois (the forest) yesterday because a. it's kinda the ultimate park and they have an island with a restaurant that holds my fa.vor.rite grilled chicken caesar salad on this continent (that's not saying much, but it IS good), so it was an easy girl's day decision with this weather and b. there's less cars and somehow we felt like we were breathing better air surrounded by nature..does that work? It's logical.

That sunshine + island patio seats + the water. It was all magical. Until it wasn't. Once the sun went down, you realized how very non-Summer it was and we hopped on the ferry and high-tailed it back to the city. But not before being threatened by TWO ducks. We decided they were male ducks and it's mating season and that makes sense. Somehow.

And THEN! I got home and my key wouldn't open our door and I was locked out. I called my hero of a husband and he had to leave work (I didn't hate it). But he's working outta town this week, so I had a wait ahead of me. What's a girl to do?! Duck it! Café seat and a vin blanche. That's what.

What's on the agenda for this weekend, friends? We're planning on getting our patio on big time.