Pregnancy Progress // 36 Weeks


And now, 36 weeks, nine months along, four weeks to go!

Baby is the size of a: Large cantaloupe - about 6 pounds and 19 inches long.

Baby's movement: She loves a good Spotify playlist and her dance moves are unapologetic and bold. She get it from her mama.

Clothes: Yoga pants and tunics on repeat around the flat. Sundresses are the most comfortable for outings. So thankful the weather is warming up, which is making it easier to carry less on this bod. The timing of this pregnancy has worked out quite well - I was small in the winter, so I didn't need to buy new coats. As I've grown, the weather has slloowwllyyy warmed, so that by the time my bump was too big, I didn't need to zip my coats anymore! Now that I'm mega, stretchy dresses are perfect. I had to stop wearing my wedding rings about a month ago because if I get hot for a second, my fingers swell and it's tough to take them off.

Food cravings: MILK.

Total weight gain: Nope. Still no idea. I ended up asking at a midwife appointment and was quickly told they much prefer to focus on baby's measurements and my vitals to keeping her healthy instead of me focusing on weight gain. I have a lazy note-to-self to go step on a scale when we pass a department store. Running out of time.

Health/fitness: Does climbing the stairs to our flat count? Just kidding. She and I like to dance it out to some good ole Justin Timberlake. I've gotten more used to the weight, aerobics-wise, but gravity is a constant reminder to my back, pelvis, and feet.

Symptoms: My midwife exclaimed that baby is quite low! I'm not sure what this means, but it could be that she's dropped into my pelvis, which is supposed to happen a couple weeks before labor. Quite timely. At month nine, it's really just all the symptoms - indigestion, backaches, short of breath, a million trips to the loo. Name it. Got it.

Sleep: Doing fairly well in this department. I'm thinking it's because it takes so much effort to deal with this body during the day that I wear myself out enough to pass out at night. That and Justin cranks the lavender oils in the bedroom. Fingers crossed I haven't jinxed the good okay sleep with this paragraph..

Baby items purchased: Like 90%. We have the bare bones of everything. Still searching for a rocking chair. Once we have that, we'll have the height we're workin' with then the bookshelves and gallery wall can commence. I calm myself by remembering that we have her bed (well, we should have her Moses basket next week), I have her food (hopefully she takes to breastfeeding), and we have nappies. Necessities, check. Oh, and we have her carrier so that Justin can finally kangaroo her. We good.

Dad is: sooo ready. I envy his unhinged eagerness in all of this. In turn, he envies that I get to experience every.single.bit of her life inside of mine. So, yeah. He's so ready to meet her! He claims he gets to hold her more to make up for all of her time in utero and I quietly giggle that he has no idea how much time breastfeeding will take up.

Looking forward to: Her laying on my chest for the first time. Oof. Every single emotion. We daily dream about family walks and sitting on patios this summer, introducing her to London. Looking forward to teaching her about the world and traveling it together, each of us taking away our own perspectives from the people we meet. The lessons she'll teach us and how we get to guide her to be kind and gentle, yet bold and steadfast, through every obstacle. How she'll drastically change our life from two to three without knowing the depth of that until she's in my shoes.

Missing: My bodyyyy. Sleeping on my stomach sounds straight up heavenly right now. And prosecco. This is probably the same as my last update..

Best moments: Our babymoon was pretty darn incredible. We met up with friends in Brussels and Paris and felt so loved to have them experience this expectant period with us. Every day I'm overcome with how amazing it is that I get to give her this life. I never want to forget or take for granted how amazing this feeling is. And, yes. I'm crying right now. The best daily moments are when the sun comes up in the morning and I start to toss a bit, she slowly wakes up with me. (She can see light vs. dark - how cool is that?!) The weekends are my favorite because Justin can linger with us and we lay and talk and sing and poke at her for hours. 

General thoughts: Fairly overwhelmed. This is such a contradictory time. I'm both anxious to meet her and afraid of every single step that entails. I go through phases of feeling empowered and ready to experience childbirth naturally and then cold sweats and tears afraid of the pain and any complications that might arise. These phases can switch on the hour, minute, or second. Hence why I envy his eagerness!