Pregnancy Progress // 30 Weeks


Here we are, 30 weeks in with our little gal on the way. Seven and a half months along. Ten more weeks to go!It's been incredibly fun seeing friends react and go out of their way to be a part of this pregnancy. Beforehand, I focused on when we'd get to introduce our wee one to her new fan club, but so many friends have been intentional about being a part of my pregnancy as well. I feel so loved and, even bigger (a new experience for me), humbled that they already love our babe. This transitional time of mom + baby as one is fleeting and as much as I want to meet her personality, being present and cherishing her comfort inside of me and the glimpses of her personality is seriously amazing. So, I wanted to share a peek of what life has consisted of lately. Alas, a little bumpdate, if you will, for posterity's sake...The first trimester was painfully slow. I had bad news about health in my family and close friends coming from every angle. On one hand, it gave us something lovely to focus on and I'm convinced we were given this blessing at the perfect time to get us through the darkest months. On the other hand, my imagination was very defensive and it felt as though I couldn't fully allow myself to believe such a miracle was happening. I didn't have a lick of morning sickness except for two hopeful bouts that turned out to be drinking green tea on an empty stomach and overdosing on blue Airheads while catching up on American candy. I wanted to feel pregnant (I know. I'm crazy) and experience this to the fullest, but many days went by and I felt the same. The only thing I could do was change my diet to be more mindful that I was indeed with child. And practice self-care in the form of sleeping in and daily naps because hello exhaustion and the reality that this is my last chance to take advantage of such luxuries.The second trimester was a breeze. I began feeling a little bump that we made such a big deal of, but it really just looked like the day after Thanksgiving. I had all of my normal energy (minus coffee and zumba) back. I got really cocky and proclaimed that we'd have a dozen babies because I loved it so much. My third trimester self (and, of course, that looming labor bit) is now laughing at second trimester self and oh-so envious of her sleep.So, here we are a couple of weeks into the third trimester where things are getting real and quiet marriage time is becoming nostalgic. I thought I'd document a little more of the nitty-gritty because for the first six months, my answer to 'how are you feeling?' was honestly just 'really, really good. I love being pregnant.' I absolutely still love it, but now I actually have symptoms. And now it's flying by!

Baby is the size of a: Large cabbage - about 3 pounds and 16 inches long.

Nicknames: June Baby, British Babe, Little Baby (when Justin is kissing us goodbye/night)

Baby's movement: She has always surprised the doctors and midwives with how active she is. If there's singing nearby, she'll wake up and dance! This week I've noticed a shift in her movements - as her home is getting more and more cramped. I had a growth spurt when I "popped" about a month ago which gave our Skinny Minnie lots of womb to move around (I crack up every time). My belly has seemed to stay the same, while I can feel her moving slower and more forcefully. Instead of sporadically kicking all over the place, she'll push herself into corners and stay there for a bit.

Clothes: I'm living in maternity leggings and tunic tops. Justin's t-shirts that I sleep in are hilariously stretched to their max.

Food cravings: Lemon or strawberry gelato and, separately, milk. Also, king cake - that trip to Louisiana ruined us!

Total weight gain: Not sure as we don't have a scale. I weighed myself at my parents' house in Louisiana about three weeks ago and I had gained about 15 pounds in comparison to the first kilogram weigh-in at 12 weeks....though, we're not sure how much of that was Cajun food..

Health/fitness: I've been choosing to walk instead of tube when it's under an hour (although, an hour is pushing it without breaks - dang relaxin making my tail bone work harder). Climbing stairs is the worst. These little legs plus my new-found weight and the lack of room for my lungs makes at your own pace an obnoxiously necessary reminder.

Symptoms: Exhaustion about every other day. I'm al.ways.hungry. Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions throughout the day, which is probably from her showing off her dance moves. It's only bad when we're in a hurry to walk somewhere because the speed makes them come on and I need to rest for them to subside faster. Also, where the heck is all this bloating and water weight coming from? I swear I'm peeing it all out..

Sleep: Oof. I can only sleep on my sides, so I constantly have to turn over to give my bottom shoulder a break. Between hoisting my relaxed, spread-out belly to the opposite side and, in turn, flipping baby over, which only wakes her up to play for a bit, it takes a while to fall back to sleep. And then I've gotta pee.

Baby items purchased: We have her crib, wardrobe, and changing table all set up! Still working on finding a rocking chair and we'll start decorating soon. We've received lots of wonderful gifts from loved ones, including her monitor, bouncer, carrier, and bottle system, so it feels like big things are coming together. Feeling very grateful that registries are a thing. Thank you to whomever normalized that for us. Major relief from a daunting new chapter! 

Dad is: building all of the furniture for our new flat, lifting me off the sofa, and reading Peter Rabbit stories to her nightly.

Looking forward to: Our babymoon, while also trying not to freak out that it's the last trip to close out this chapter of our life. 

Missing: A flat stomach and wine on a patio (although when she kicks, it totally beats both of those!).

Best moments: Justin surprised me with dinner + a show date night. She kicked the entire play, which made it feel like the best kind of date night that she got to be a part of it (not going to happen once she's out!). My quiet time with her where I sing and chat and she dances or when we push and kick the same part of my belly. It's like I'm getting a taste of her personality. If I set my alarm, she wakes up to it as I snooze. Baby dancing is such a better way to wake up in the morning.

General thoughts: Dangit. This is fun. Oh, and hiccups! Hiccups are new this week!I'm on the hunt for a good pregnancy/baby journal. If any of you have recommendations, I'd love to check them out!