photowalk | MontgomeryFestOkay. So, maybe not the technical definition, but I'm going with it. It's kinda my new favorite thing. And I should also add that an even bigger bonus is meeting new friends to photowalk with!So, we made it happen. One of my blogger crushes, brussels is boring, and I made our instagram chats come true and met for a photowalk. Don't think that I was anything less than intimidated, because - have you seen her photos? But since she's the sweetest soul, I even kinda, sorta felt a little bit like a photographer...sorta. I say that, but really the photo part didn't last very long because we got caught up chatting and she introduced me to a new coffee house favorite...

FlamingoLakensestraat 1691000 Brussel

mural wall in Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestmural wall in Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestFlamingo bar in Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestAnd then! Outing #2 of being intimidated by fab photogs - Ivory Pomegranate took me to this crazy cool gutted building in Ghent before they tear it down completely. Check out her shots here.Ghent, Belgium | MontgomeryFestI'll leave you with a couple of my favorite shots Justin took on our photowalk, which was essentially me playing model while he played around with the settings on our not-so-new-we-should-have-this-figured-out-by-now camera..Anthropologie skirt // Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestlighthouse mural wall in Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFest