Paris in the Rain


Eiffel Tower | Paris, France | MontgomeryFestSo, basically we have these friends. These friends are pretty much as stellar as friends come. They rock a photobooth so hard and give us an incredible example of marriage to look up to. Not to mention, we're like the same people, possibly wishful thinking here. Justin met Jeff at university and when I met he and his wife, Anne, that was it. The four of us could not be more of soul friends if we tried. And we do.The Js married Annies and live completely simultaneous lives, being the over-intellectual yins to our absent-minded free-spirited yangs. The entire weekend was filled with 'you're kidding me, right's and 'exactly's as my J would confidently come up with random statistical facts about some building we're walking by and I'd call him out, because, seriously, who knows that much info about so many things - our Js. Our Js, that's who. Except Jeff and Anne have been married for longer, so we just take notes the whole time. Which means that Justin has to now justify where he comes up with this info. It was the theme of the weekend - 'it's like this, girls..' 'justify it!'Paris, France | MontgomeryFestParis, France | MontgomeryFestParis, France | MontgomeryFestphoto 1 (7)So, yes. The weekend. J+A came over for a tour of Europe, pit stopped in Brussels, and let us accompany them on the Ultimate Double Date in Paris. Seriously. I've been calling last weekend by that name for almost a year in great anticipation and it did not disappoint. We dodged the rain for a while getting around via the Metro (and found a totally awesome long moving walkway that begged us to play with it)  and then we gave in, because, really, Paris in the rain, strolls along the avenues and through the parks at night with a light drizzle... Magical. And Jeff even managed to find the deepest puddle in the city on the way back to the hotel.Paris metro | MontgomeryFestDSC03627afterlight (5)The next day, the sun came out and it was gloooorious. And also apparently the perfect day to run a marathon which was EVERYWHERE we were wanting to go in the morning, resulting in four tourists awkwardly dashing across  the marathon route dodging runners (sorry) every once in a while. But we made it, and eventually distanced ourselves (you're welcome) from the mayhem to enjoy the city with plenty of sunshine.DSC03676 DSC03678DSC03691IMG_1107The Louvre | Paris, France | MontgomeryFestDSC03674-001 IMG_2523Paris, France | MontgomeryFestIMG_2532We were relieved to find a quiet little protest atop the Sacred Heart Basilica, because, well, you can't really have a proper trip through Europe without witnessing some sort of demonstration. Sorry we couldn't find you guys any tire burning farmers, this was the best we could do for you this time. Consolation prize is sneaking a European space invader into your picture, which makes about as much sense as having them appear over all the major cities on the continent.18 - paris in the rainparis2Paris, France | MontgomeryFestparis 5The Ultimate Double date in Paris is pretty much one of our favorite things now. We found our way to the Luxembourg Gardens for a late lunch and sat and watched the toy sailboats make their way around the pond before we made our way back to Brussels. Such a fun trip, we couldn't have asked for a better travel couple.Paris, France | MontgomeryFestParis, France | MontgomeryFestParis, France | MontgomeryFest