Paris Coffee Table Book


This post was sponsored by Blurb.Paris Coffee Table BookIt's here! I can finally present to you the book I've been hinting about for the past month over on Instagram Stories.I created a Paris coffee table book fillllled with my inspirations from our favorite city. The funny thing is - even though the idea has been spiraling in my head for ages, I had maybe half a week to create this puppy. I have no shortage of art in all sorts of mediums from our plethora of travels that, in the back of my mind, I knew could make something rather magical. So, when Blurb asked me to create a book that would inspire creativity in others, I knew just what my muse would be. What came to be is this: Paris - A Collection of Art, Photography, and Design.Paris Coffee Table BookParis Coffee Table Book


I began pulling designs and photographs from my every Paris folder (there are many). A semi moodboard began to take shape as I played with the order, color, and locations around the city. It's been the coolest thing watching my sketches and raw pieces transform into the finished book. Many of these pieces have spun off into other projects, like prints and fabric for clothing, bed sheets, or baby accessories, etc. I even had one of the photos featured in Red Magazine! This year has really allowed me to shine light onto ideas that were only ideas for too long. Now I have a book that sits proudly on our bookshelf and, as soon as we get a house with a coffee table, then it will sit proudly perched on the coffee table. *winkParis Coffee Table BookParis Coffee Table Book


When I had gotten the outline sorted and pulled the images I wanted to use, it was time to upload to Blurb. They have different options on how to upload your pages. I went with the BookWright option, it's their free desktop publishing software. They also have Adobe integration tools like InDesign and Lightroom if you're design/photo savvy. You can order a swatch kit to choose the specific type of paper you'd like. With my tight deadline and being that I'm overseas, I defaulted to the Standard 80# and my pages turned out great. After I created my book, Blurb made it easy to upload, add description details, and hit publish!Paris Coffee Table BookI feel like being a creative is oftentimes this strange thing where you have all of this untapped potential and someone taps you on the shoulder and says, "Hey! Can you make this thing?" And just that little nudge is a reminder or the courage that you need to say, "Yeah, actually I can!" So, this is my nudge to you - you should create that product magazine or that lay flat photo book of your favorite photos or maybe even that cook book you've been thinking about, you little chef, you. Go 'head, create your book.And, if you've been around here for a bit, you might remember the Paris book is in good company. I also have a book on Morocco that I decided to go ahead and self publish along with this nudge. While Paris is design inspiration, Morocco has some of my favorite words I've ever written. I'd love to see your creations!PS. I have a code for 15% off the book! SKY15  Or $20 off using this sharing link.