Palma de Mallorca


Palma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestMonday was particularly Mondayish, so we felt certain that we needed a beach trip in the near future. Like, really near. Like, Wednesday. So, we were giddy about the spontaneous adventure until about 5:01a Wednesday when the alarm clock woke us up, but at around 5:03a, all was better when our neurons started working and we remembered we were headed to the Mediterranean. Ahh, Spain! New country. Get on over there>>.J went undercover as morning watchman and I risked getting sassed by the flight attendant, but it was worth it to snag these overhead shots of the Balearic Islands just before we landed on them. You're welcome.Palma de Mallorca from the airplane | MontgomeryFestPalma de Mallorca from the airplane | MontgomeryFest As soon as we landed, we threw on our beach attire and headed straight to the sand. Ahh sand, our toes have missed you. (and you too, waves. and you too, ocean smell.)Palma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestPalma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestPalma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestPalma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestPalma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestPalma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestPalma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestPalma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestWe stayed just outside of the city center so that we could enjoy a slightly more secluded beach. The walk into town was about an hour along the coast. Everywhere you looked - the colors! I mean! I was giddy. Once we got to the center of Palma, we walked past the Portixol marina to the old town, which looked like anything but an old town. Every.single.thing was well-kept and well cared for...unlike my nails these days (miss you too American nail salons). The cathedral, La Seu, is a marvel and the outside terraces were rocking my world. We've never had a better selection of patios. Palma de Mallorca boardwalk | MontgomeryFestPalma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFest Old town streets of Palma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestOld town streets of Palma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestPalma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestPalma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestRooftop view of Palma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFest ^This is the view from the rooftop of our hotel (sneaking out the restricted door. gosh. we've turned out to be such rebels.) Where the coast line bends is the city center of Palma. There are about eight of my favorite things in the world either in this picture or taking this picture (photo courtesy of Justin. obvi.).Feet in the ocean | MontgomeryFestThis is where we lived on Thursday. Isn't the beach just the absolute, most perfect venue to read? I like to get my Mr. Darcy fix in and pretend that I naturally talk so eloquently in my love letters to J (what, it's not obvious from this blog?). Also, we have this thing where we adore having tan lines from our rings. After the wedding reception, it was pretty much: fly to Jamaica, tan our fingers. That's not weird. Another thing that's not weird - color coordinated, even at the beach. Bam.Matching beach towels are the epitome of cheese | MontgomeryFestBeach reading | MontgomeryFestView of Palma de Mallorca | MontgomeryFestAnd at the end of the day, we said 'adios' to that Spanish adventure and returned home to our Belgian one.Happy Friday Amigos!