Life lately has been, well, rather all over the place. Grab a seat. Put on some jazz. Now, let's see here..Le Cercle Des Voyageurs | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestLe Cercle Des Voyageurs | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestWe have made it to exactly 2.5 museums since we've lived in Brussels. The Military Museum, only because Mark requested it on his to-do list. And the Parlamentarium, which was actually Mark's doing as well...weird, I just realized that. And we only did half of the Parlamentarium - it closed on us before we got to the cool, interactive part downstairs. And The M.Art. Now, don't get me wrong, there are museums on our own to-do list - the Music Instrument Museum, the Science + History museum and then most of the ones in Paris, but with the free First Sundays gig, we always put it off to coming back next first Sunday plus it takes backseat to being touristy outside, and so then...well, a year of that. All this to say, I walk by the Magritte Museum often and have this entire thought process every time..I guess all that wasn't necessary, but the following is. Enter Montgomery à la Magritte. Et voilà!Montgomery a la Magritte | MontgomeryFestLately is also filled with visitors. Mid-week honeymoon type visitors and month-long work trips that we can meet up with more than once type visitors, that's fun. So, there's been a lot of this..Sante | MontgomeryFestLe Clan de Belge | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestand alotta this..Brunch at Tout Bon | MontgomeryFestBrunch at Tout Bon | MontgomeryFestJammin // Brunch at Tout Bon | MontgomeryFestand a whole slew of this..

changing of the seasons brought to you by Fall - this might be the first time I've ever appreciated you, third season.

Parc de Cinquantenaire | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestParc de Cinquantenaire | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestParc de Cinquantenaire | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestParc Leopold | Brussels, Belgium | MontgomeryFestOctober is big on birthdays and THIS October has been big on sunny days. Well, patio-worthy sunny days paired with curl-up-with-tea stormy days. FYI, Brussels doesn't have many storms...like, maybe I've heard thunder 3 times in the past year, maybe. But this weekend it poured and - actually, I still don't remember hearing thunder, and definitely no lightning, but windstorms and hardcore rain drops, yes. So, we'll call it a storm. It was quite the romantic Sunday setting to go with the cold that I've come down with (yes, Scott.) and the first GUMBO that my yankee husband made from SCRATCH! 

Gumbo | MontgomeryFestI hope your week is lovely and spooktastic. As I type this, I'm watching to my niece and nephew play 'disappear! and reappear!' on Skype. It's spooky. Okay, really - if the giggling weren't so adorable, then yes, it would definitely be spooky.