Outside Lands Music Festival Playlist / Belt it Out


BELT IT OUT // Outside Lands Music Festival playlist

Imagine you're standing in a huge field in the middle of the city, say San Francisco, swaying and humming along with thousands of music lovers all around you. The sun is warming your shoulders and the breeze picks up as the clouds roll in. The smell of rain fills the air, though it never fulfills it's promise. There's something about rain that bonds festival goers, ya know? As the harmonious crowd hears the first beat to the band's most well-known song strum and the dancing is let loose. These are my some of my favorite memories, and thus, a music festival playlist was born to relive the live music experience. These are our stand out tunes from this year's Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival that still have us belting out the words and throwing impromptu dance parties in our living room.

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by Annie | MontgomeryFest at Mode