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Austin, Texas Outfit Inspiration | MontgomeryFest




The artistic and casual vibe makes Austin one of my favorite cities. You're encouraged to stand out and get creative with your choices. Not to mention the music scene. If it weren't for the masses who also want to live there, it'd be high on our move-to list. Instead, we'll just pack weekend bags and visit when there's a good band playing or friend get-togethers. Like last weekend when we left our sweaters in SF and headed south.

We're still living out of our checked luggage bags from almost two months ago (one for each of us!). Which means my closet is looking particularly basic these days, since basics are more practical for repeat wearing. I've been having to get creative to mix it up and daaang will I have fun when our big shipment gets here with my fun pieces. (Hey hey customs! What are we thinkin, five days...two weeks? I'll make you cookies..)

We should talk about the clothes up there. They're practically screaming, 'get in my closet!' Do you hear it? This would be my dream day+night outfits. Sadly, here in SF, I would need a jacket to cover up these pretties, but in Austin! In Austin, I can rock that orange+blue with just a tan. And those sandals. My husband called these the 'Annie version of steel toe boots'. I purchased a pair from Anthropologie right before we left and now they're all scuffed in the front. I promise I know how to walk. It's a mystery. So, what I'm saying here is - these shoes, with that dreamy look in my eye and everything.

Surprisingly, it can get a little chilly at night in Austin. That's where the maxi comes in. Because it's chilly, but it's still Texas. And it's embroidered. So..

Also, I finally found a necklace that I can wear and never take off. Like, even at night when I'm most finicky. Which means, I needed to share it with you. We can probably call them grown-up BFF necklaces if you want. Let me know.