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Our Valentine's Day Picks // Flower Market Flowers | London

It's that time of year, when the world falls in love.. oh wait. I think I'm getting my holidays mixed up, but who can blame me... it's that hazy period where we're recouping from festivities and commercialism and maybe a bit of time off in there, but we're also guilted in every direction to get organized! exercise! pick a word! for the new year. Valentine's Day is our first jolt that we're knee-deep into a new year. Some people go all bah humbug on International Hearts Day, but I say we guilt them into believing that love is worth celebrating. Whether it's a treat for your partner, the kids, yourself, we've got you covered in this round-up of Valentine's Day goodies.


Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to be a little indulgent and a bottle of rosé is just that. Treat yo'self or the lady in your life to the lovely "Rosé S'il Vous Plaît" Art Print to go with the glass you'll toast with. You could even invite the girls over and host a mini Galentine's Day Soirée! Serve the pink stuff and send guests home with a small print as a lovely little favor.

Or you can treat yo'self by being one with yo'self using a brand new yoga mat. Zen, right? Customize it with your name or a lovely secret message to a special someone.


Make his mornings with the matching hand lettered Mr and Mrs custom coffee mugs. Subtle, classy, forever.

And a photo block makes a great addition to a desk or workstation to keep his loved ones close when he needs to be away.


Valentine's Day is usually revered for the romantic date nights or the punny classroom cards, but teenagers love a good surprise gift too (even if they're playing it cool with those secret admirer lollipops at school - did your school do that too?). Go the crowd pleaser route with this LOVE phone case or up their school game with a trendy, personalized notebook.


Up your classroom Valentine's Day exchanges by trading in the normal cards with these "Hi Cutie" Stickers - because what kid doesn't like stickers?! (Florence is in a major sticker phase right now). Or, if you really want to get creative, get some sweets and attach these popsicle Valentines Day gift tags to them.


Sometimes the best way to show them you love them is by telling them why you are thankful for them. These beautiful personalized stationery cards add just that perfect touch to make it extra special.

And for that witty, special someone, let them know you've got your priorities straight with the "But Most of All You" Card.

It's just a day, in the end of things, but make sure your loved ones know that they're special. Whether you need a special day to mark the occasion or not.

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