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The Expat Holidays / Our Holiday TraditionsWell, hello December! I have quite the collaboration to introduce to you guys now that we're knee-deep in the holiday season. I'm excited to bring you The Expat Holidays!The Expat Holidays are a collection of holidays around the world. It's an ongoing party, because surely there are holidays all the time? So many holidays and so many ways to celebrate them. And, as expats or repats or just travel-lovers, we get to experience multiple cultures and celebrations. I'm forever inspired by how different all of our backgrounds and current daily scenes are and yet, we find camaraderie in traveling and culture and stories and, most of all, friendships and supporting each other. So much so that we might just be planning on doing it again soon *wink! So, yes. Let's share our celebrations and what better time to kick it off than December!All throughout the month, we'll hear from bloggers from around the world, who at one point or another, have lived in another country other than their home country. They'll share the traditions they have, the ones they've grown up with or learned from their travels or even a hodge podge of many cultures along the way. You can follow along all month-long over on The Expat Holidays gathering page, which I'll also make a home for on the sidebar. It's gonna be fun!The Expat Holidays / Our Holiday TraditionsTo start off with ours being hypocritical, Justin and I sort of have a tradition of not doing traditions. Our entire relationship, we've pushed the boundaries on not doing things just for the fact that we're supposed to do them or everybody else is doing them. It's allowed us to find our own groove and find what works for us so that the things that turn into traditions for us are intentionally ours. Moving so often has allowed us to purge so much stuff and form amazing relationships with people who have become our tribe, peppered across the globe. Our friends have become our family along this crazy journey we're creating. They're the people we love and support and want to surround our one-day children.One little thing that has become a tradition for us is our matching pajamas. I know. Even though, we do it on accident, we reserve christmas day to not feel guilty about it at all!  I got a little too excited about having the same name while we were engaged and splurged on these matching  pajamas that we wear every Christmas, whether we're in Dallas, Salzberg, the Canary Islands or San Francisco. DIY Mulled Spices Potpourri RecipeAnother thing we kept up each December (we're up to 5 now!) is the smell of tradition. We love having our home smell like the holidays - and since we often find ourselves travelling while Justin has some time off, we usually forgo the full-sized Christmas tree (hello Connie, we miss you) that normally fills the house with the smell of pine. Instead, we like to have a little bit of mulling spices mixed with water simmering on the stove during the cool winter months to get the place smelling nice and cozy. (Also, mulled wine smell doesn't hurt either *wink) You can find pre-made spices fairly easily, but we pull together our own spice mix with the recipe down below. Making your own is easy enough, and with a little glass jar and velvet ribbon, makes for a perfect hostess gift if you're in a pinch.[yumprint-recipe id='14']

What's a holiday tradition that you've picked up from your travels?

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