O Tiny Christmas Tree

Christmas tree | MontgomeryFestChristmas tree | MontgomeryFestJumping right into the holiday season, we need to show off our holiday decor. Holiday decor being - we got a Christmas tree! We forewent the tree sitch last year on account-a us not being in town much and the small space and the hassle and the where-do-you-even-get-trees. So, really we didn't get a tree on account-a the lazies. This year, it just felt right. We've already watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and painted, stuffed, addressed, licked and sent out our holiday cards (well, one of us did.), so as Christmas 2013 rock stars, we felt a tree was in order. While shopping for a rare ingredient find, which are usually located out in the suburbs (yuck.) at the large-scale grocery stores - the Wal-marts, if you will, Justin mentioned he saw a little tree. I went to work coming up with how we shall dress our gal - shall she be decked in gold or teal and lime green, which I was leaning towards, shall she have lights or glitter - you know, typical tree thoughts. That is until I saw our little gal..which brings us to -The size. She's a little bitty pretty oneHere is a picture of she and Justin for reference. Smirk as a bonus.Christmas tree | MontgomeryFestWe obviously have different ideas of what a 'small tree' looks like. Since a string of lights and ornaments were out of the question, we went to the store to find velvet ribbon because of my obsession and all. When we found a dark pink and when Justin remarked, 'that's the Pantone color of 2014', we had to get it. Because even though he was wrong. He was close. And that made me a proud penguin.

 A: we should name our tree
 J:  henry
A:  ive been calling it a girl J:  evergreen trees are boys
A:  we put a pink bow on her      and gold spray paint      and green glitterJ:  you'll make his adolescence difficult

I'll add that should we ever have a Henry who likes to wear glitter, this Mum and Pops will be ever so doting, especially this Mum...because we can share clothes and stuff.I think I'm going to go with Connie though. Because, do you ever just want to count how many Ms. Connies you know? And then when you do, there's two. So, here, Mama Jo. Here's your third Connie for the list!