OctoberFest: Month in Review | MontgomeryFestHappy Halloween! Peace out, October! Thanks for kicking off the 2014 holiday season for us. We're heading over to some friends' place for a backyard movie night. What do you have planned for this weekend's festivities?A few links for you on this particularly exciting Friday -// Lise puts her dainty and refreshing spin on a Brussels favorite - La Mercerie.// I've got you - The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Wine with Halloween Candy. phew!// Speaking of Halloween, Alexa has you and your candy table covered with spooky sweet ideas for your party tonight.// Incase you haven't yet heard the new phenom..Drunk J.Crew. And if you need a last-minute costume idea, I'd vote for Jenna Lyons.// The SF Giants won the World Series! (their 3rd win in the last 5 years, bytheway. ahem.) Which means, huge parade in downtown - know your routes, wear your orange.