Recipe | Mustard Caper Cod


Quick + Easy Mustard Caper Cod Recipe | MontgomeryFestFor living about three blocks away from the bay, it's surprisingly difficult to find a fish market around these parts for the nights where we're looking for some gourmet-style seafood at home. For the other nights where we're just needing a quick fix, this pan seared cod recipe has turned into our go-to choice. Easy. Cheap. Simple. Delicious. Plus, the side salad is great for taking up any leftover veggies that we've got lingering in the fridge mid-week. We usually keep a few fillets of frozen cod in the freezer for the nights where we need a fast home cooked meal. Sure it takes a bit of planning ahead to take a fillet or two out of the freezer for the next day, but guys, twenty minutes and this meal is good and ready to eat. I, for some reason, love that they're called capers.. I don't know why. Cheeky little buggers.The versatility of this recipe is the best part. Whether we play around with the side salad or the type of fish or the sauce, its something that we can go to over and over again without getting bored with. So with that said, if you've got a quick and easy suggested sauce that we can try out next time let us know!Quick + Easy Mustard Caper Cod Recipe | MontgomeryFestIf you post photos of your work in progress, your masterpiece, or anything in between, I’d love to give it some love. Tag me with @montgomeryfest and #mfestcooks.[yumprint-recipe id='2']Bon App!Chef Justin