Murder Mystery Dinner | The Porthole Affair

We finally got the chance to attend one of Maxine's famous Murder Mystery Dinners the other weekend. We were assigned our characters beforehand and showed up decked out in fancy garb suitable to our characters - Justin as Mr. Esau Hytall, a Russian-German-Jewish immigrant to America and I, a Ms. Angeline Desguys, daughter of Mr. Hal E. Tossis , the minty mouthwash billionaire. There were puns flying all over the place.Set in 1935. We were dining in the Captain's quarters aboard a cruise ship heading west over the Atlantic. The night proved to be a challenging one between the full course dinner and the wine and the full range of accents around the table, it was all an easily distracted girl could do to pay attention. I mean, Justin with those 'z's! His Russian-German-Jewish that actually sounded more Swedish. 'Eet eaze vith great pleasure..' Killing me!...or was I doing the killing?..Murder Mystery Dinner // The Porthole Affair | MontgomeryFestMurder Mystery Dinner // The Porthole Affair | MontgomeryFestOh, the full course dinner. Sheesh, Max, or I should say Mrs. Hughes, our Downton-esque host, worked some kind of magic. Foie gras, toasted brioche served with home-made chutney for starters. Then, we were served chicken, leek & mushroom pot pies with seasonal vegetables and the most decadent salted caramel cheesecake of my life. She even gives the recipe here.We'd kill for another.. ba dum tsh.Murder Mystery Dinner // The Porthole Affair | MontgomeryFestPhotos by Maxine