I'll miss you, Belgium. I can't wait for you, America.


246. That's about how many times we've exclaimed to each other that we 'CANNOT WAIT TO MOVE!' We are so crazy excited about our new city and getting back to a culture that is second nature to us. Neither of us have ever actually been there, so this should be interesting. But with moving, comes goodbyes and the closing of doors. And with that comes nostalgia and possibly a mini panic attack every few hours at the thought of not having easy access to our newly accustomed-to luxuries. So. While we deal with these very confusing emotions, let's dig into a few of them here..Brussels scale | MontgomeryFestI'll miss you // walking by palaces and grand 16th century architecture like it's totally normal and forgetting to point it out to new-comers and saying 'Oh yeah. That's the palace where they work.' Because there's multiple. I can't wait for you // Mexican food. Oh, you delicious devil you. I've imagined your first bite for so long and our rekindling is inching closer to time. Also, real bacon. Damn you facon. You're just ham..you're not fooling us. I'll miss you // travel. Every European country. This is such a great continent. I can't wait for you // warmth. People in Belgium don't believe that that much sun exists...it's only in the movies. That's scary. Actually, let's turn this into an 'atmosphere' category and say clean air too because I'm ready to not live in a cloud of smoke anymore. I'll miss you // baguettes. I can't wait for you // organized systems that people actually follow. Such as, but not limited to, lines. I will never miss having to guard my place in line like a hawk. Because when I get in a line, it's because I'm next in line and that makes sense. Also, car lanes (I'm looking at you Italians.)..they work. I'll miss you // Italy. It's unexplainable. You are more frustrating than Belgium which would seem to be the worst, but when all things go awry, at least you're in Italy. And that makes Annie sense. I can't wait for you // space. Kinda like the lines. I'm really going to enjoy walking and doing things and it being a culturally weird thing if you come in touching distance of me for no reason at all. It's weird. Move over. I'll miss you // beautiful French language. Now, when I hear you spoken, there will always be a touch of - don't be that guy. But I do promise to keep you around the house. I can't wait for you // being able to understand everything that's going on at all times. I put salt in my coffee the other morning - sucré et salé are very different. I'll know what the signs say and if I'm allowed to park there and why they are making everyone get off the bus immediately for the driver to have a smoke break....actually, I don't think I'll even have that problem. I'll miss you // beer and frites. I feel obliged to mention waffles and chocolate here too, but we're assuming we can find chocolates fairly easily. And I'm much more of a candy girl than a cake or heavy sweets eater, so the waffles aren't a regular menu item. I can't wait for you // BRUNCH. Brunch and the country that understands that brunch is code for drinks with a side of food. Because brunch without alcohol is just a sad, sad, late breakfast. I read that somewhere.


Sooo, I wonder where we'll stand on these points after the move..