Milan: What to See and Do


Milan: What to See and DoThe car ride out of Lucerne was pretty much full-on Annie trying to coerce Justin into stopping in Milan.."Honey, I've never been to Milan.. Love, we're driving right through.. I love Italy what if we never come back?!" (That was a joke.)He'd break about 45 minutes outside of the city and thought he could prove his wife wrong in that there wasn't anything to see. Ha. While not as lovely as Florence, Milan was still able to add to her love affair with Italia. So, we parked the car in the first lot that we found in the (what we assumed was) center of town and begin our trek around the city to see the sights in pit-stop number two on our way to Verona. We spot a tower and figure, 'Hey, that must be something important.' Ends up that we were walking next to the beautiful Sempione Park on our way up to the 15th century Sforza Castle, one of the largest citadels in Europe. Psh. J and his 'nothing to see'. I, of course, made friends with the first musical street performer we came across..Milan: What to See and DoMilan: What to See and DoMilan: What to See and Do Milan: What to See and DoWandering through the castle's renaissance courtyard, we found one of the entrances with a long boulevard on the opposite side. The trek continued down the street and leads us to the Piazza del Duomo, where I fought the urge, with all of my inner strength, to say, 'see, told ya.' But I didn't need to, he knew. He knew. It was a good pit-stop, the square is dominated by the Milan Cathedral, the fifth largest cathedral in the world and the most important example of Gothic architecture in the country. This guy that took six centuries to build is just as grand on the inside, but unfortunately the cathedral ushers don't let you in if you're a woman wearing shorts.. Women in shorts are forbidden, men in shorts are fine.. What year is this?Milan: What to See and DoMilan: What to See and DoMilan: What to See and DoAfter Justin made a quick run through the inside, our eyes turned to the left of the cathedral where we found a giant glass covered walkway - the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II is the worlds oldest shopping mall - but we were hard pressed to notice the shops while looking up at the ceiling the entire way through.The little trolley car at the stop on the other side reminded us of our days back on McKinney Avenue in Dallas. We smiled, and thought, 'yeah, we'd much rather look at them in Milan' while we made our way back to our chariot. Next stop, Verona. I had to promise Justin no more pit-stops on the way. That lasted for about a day..Milan: What to See and DoMilan: What to See and DoMilan: What to See and DoMilan: What to See and DoThis post is part of a two week long road trip around central Europe. Check out the other stops on our trip:

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