Recipe | Mediterranean Quinoa Salad


This delicious Mediterranean Quinoa Salad recipe is easy to make and healthy to boot!It's one of the more common questions about living here that we just didn't see coming: "What do you guys eat over there in Belgium?" Not like we needed to scratch our heads or anything to find an answer (even after mentioning waffles and fries), just one that was unexpected for us. Which, really, shouldn't have been. Grocery shopping was one of the things that, while basically the same, feels completely different as compared to back in the US. Yeah, it's all still sorted into aisles and we pay at the check-out counter, but little things like different brands, different names and different packaging had thrown us for a loop when we first arrived. Our first few trips would take at least 1 to 2 hours and would maybe yield two meals for us. And it wasn't just grocery shopping, the entire dining experience is different here, where the idea of a fast casual meal is almost scoffed at, making it difficult to simply swing by a place and grab something quick for dinner.But we've managed to stay on our feet, and have both gotten a lot more comfortable experimenting in the kitchen, eagerly awaiting the seasonal change in the produce aisle to find out what we have to work with. With summer arriving and the brief heat-wave in Brussels last week (really, felt like the tropics) we needed something that was a bit on the lighter side and didn't involve the oven heating up our A/C-lacking apartment anymore than it already was. Enter this Mediterranean Quinoa Salad recipe, our now go-to summer dish. YUM.This delicious Mediterranean Quinoa Salad recipe is easy to make and healthy to boot!This delicious Mediterranean Quinoa Salad recipe is easy to make and healthy to boot!If you post photos of your work in progress, your masterpiece, or anything in between, I’d love to give it some love. Tag me with @montgomeryfest.[yumprint-recipe id='10']We originally got the idea for this guy from Ms. Stewart but made a few edits to make it our own - mostly switching out the bulgur for quinoa (we like the texture that the quinoa adds, but we've used couscous in the recipe with decent results too), and subbed a lot of garlic for the little bit of shallot (ok, and really, we just use a garlic press instead of mincing, but it just doesn't sound as nice. And while we're being honest, it's really more like 5 cloves in our house but we realize that's probably a little much).