The famous Brighton Pier.Brighton café life.Choose Love // Watercolor hand lettering by MontgomeryFestLondon flower markets!That pretty city London life.London café life.Spring? Are you there? It's me, Annie. I'd really, really, like it if you could come around. The flowers around the city are ready. The trees are starting to get ready. It's just the weather. The weather doesn't know that it's your turn yet. And as much as I want to see you, I don't want you to think that you'll have some sort of arrangement where because you show up a few weeks late, so you can delay Summer for a few weeks. Because Summer, man. Summer needs its time too.Because once Spring (finally, for real) gets here, it'll be tennis weather, and we just found out about shelter dogs as ball boys.Its like a little London time machine right in your browser!Canada has just been pretty cool about welcoming refugees with open arms. Even while they're at a furry convention.All month I've been looking for pigeons with backpacks. Here's to April..Figuring out how to pronounce England's football teams. At 1:04 the blonde girl with red lips is pretty much me, everyday here.