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Annie-Anne | JMonty

Those were our nicknames for each other before we started dating. He didn't know how to pronounce my name (officially, I'm Anne at work...that 'e' was confusing apparently). I have a brother named Monty, so when we'd abbreviate his forever-long last name, there was clarification needed.So, funny story. I was walking back from lunch one Friday, when I saw the Farm Girl Flowers delivery bike. I, admittedly creepily, snuck a photo since it was such a cute scene. Instagrammed 'em, tagged 'em, made Friday's social media scene a little prettier. Later on, I got a comment from the guy who sent them to his girlfriend. Knock on social media all y'want, but that right there is a full circle.// here you go. your Easter brunch is covered.// you guys!! love after 50 years - love, love, love, love. I need this book. // Elizabeth Banks solves all your problems and agrees with me on fanny packs.// we should all agree I need this onesie...JMonty loves it when that happens.// when in wine country..// Jacintha's instagram secrets..shhh.