March | Monthly Wallpaper Download


I'm here! I'm here! Well, me and my monthly wallpaper download. Fully recovered and ready for Spring... London weather, you can't keep me down!I took this photo of the London skyline while we were waiting in line to jump on the Bouncingham Palace fun jump, which is called a bouncy castle here because, when in doubt, castles. We had lunch with British friends the other day and the amount of times one couple would be in the middle of explaining something and bust out laughing or nodding along while the other both sat with puzzled looks. The comparison of British English to American English is hilarious and just when you think you've gotten a handle of your friends' language to have full conversations. Alas. So, yeah. One of the puzzled looks came from fun jumps.."or bounce houses? know, they're usually for kids and you inflate/deflate them and jump around." "Oooh. Bouncy castles!"

Another one came when they were explaining that she'd have a nice lion for Mother's Day (ignoring all raunchy British humor that we're having a kick out of over here! PC out the window, where it belongs.) - psst - Mother's Day was this past weekend in the UK. Justin and I let the conversation go on a little, hoping context clues would help us understand how a lion relates to our friend and/or British mothers in general. I had heard the phrase "lie in" before at some point, but in quick conversation when you let your language barrier down and let your mind go to the most obvious pronunciation, "lion." Turns out, she had had a lie in and lounged in bed while he took the baby out for breakfast. This is why we need to learn all of the languages and cultures.. *wink* we can pick and choose which indulgences with which we'd like to spoil ourselves (technically, my birthday just ended because the Croatians celebrate birthdays for the amount of days that you've just turned in years!) What's the funniest conversation you've had with language barriers?


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