LUNAFEST world premier at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco | MontgomeryFestLast Thursday, I had the privilege of attending the new season of LUNAFEST at their world premier in San Francisco. LUNAFEST is a traveling film festival by, for, and about us women. It's hosted by LUNA bar and the goal of the program is two-fold: to encourage and support women in film and to raise funds and awareness for causes that help, empower, and give a voice to women from all walks of life. 100 percent of all net proceeds from LUNAFEST go to charity, like the Breast Cancer Fund and local community organizations. That's a pretty incredible gig. The evening was held at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, which is no less than spectacular. There was a VIP reception held in the lobby beforehand with these (seriously) amazing smores and performances by the first female mariachi band - Mariachi Flor De Toloache. The band was also featured in one of the films! The theme of the evening was game-changers, women who inspire and push the envelope for all of us. There are nine short films this season. It's hard to say a favorite as every single film was touching, but I'm going to go with Chica's Day. That one pulled on my heart strings in a major way. You can see the trailor for the film fest here.delicious smores at LUNAFEST Palace of Fine Arts Theater, San Francisco | MontgomeryFestAll women's marichi band at LUNAFEST | MontgomeryFestWomens Mariachi band at LUNAFEST Palace of Fine Arts Theater, San Francisco | MontgomeryFestThe incredible stories that this film festival has credited for women around the world is beyond inspiring. The whole thing made me think about who I would consider to be a game-changer in my life. I actually had a hard time deciding because the ladies who came to mind are the type that don’t like to be bragged on. They’re humble and genuine and I got to thinking about the qualities that I admire most. They're kind to people and they're more generous than they own stuff. Raising a family and being good people are priorities in their lives. I could write about my mom because I love to gush about her every chance I get or about Heather, who is doing amazing things from her mama job to her wifely duties (we're on the same page) to the business she’s created. I thought about Cass, who has such a kind spirit that the homeless man she passes on her commute actually gives her little gifts for her children. I’ve had a heavy heart for my friend, Paula, lately. We moved to Brussels within ten days of each other and did the whole expat life in drastically different ways - her being a mother of two little bitties and me just learning how to be a bride. As an expat, the friends you make are usually transient. They’re only there for a set period until they move on to the next place, so you talk about travel and explore together, but it’s not often you make friends like you did back home. And your friends back home only get Skype dates and emails that are usually surface level. Paula was the only person that I've had a heart-to-heart with in the past two years (outside of el marriage). She taught me a lot of things that she probably doesn’t even know about. She taught me about raising a family with compassion. She was stern when she needed to be, but in everything, it came from the heart. She welcomed us into her home countless times and her husband, Roy, made sure we never left hungry...for the next week.  I admire them so much and Paula is definitely one of my lady game-changers! Because this is the way the world changes, good people raising their babies right. (Grey's Anatomy anyone??)LUNAFEST Palace of Fine Arts Theater, San Francisco | MontgomeryFestLUNAFEST premier at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco | MontgomeryFestI've been spending my week getting all kinds of educated on being proactive in preventing breast cancer - The Breast Cancer Fund is doing amazing things to target prevention, not just awareness, to find out why and how we can stop it before onset. I encourage you to find out more about the incredible program that is putting our health and our dreams at the forefront. Film festivals are great for date night or fancy girl soirées - see if there's a LUNAFEST near you (there's one in each area we've lived in!) or donate to The Breast Cancer Fund or one of the many local non-profit organizations in your area. Or you can even host your own LUNAFEST! This is such an amazing program, that I can't rave about it enough.

Many thanks to LUNA Bar for sponsoring today’s story and inviting me to such an inspirational event!

Luna bars at LUNAFEST Palace of Fine Arts Theater, San Francisco | MontgomeryFest

Who would you say has been the leading game-changer in your life?And if you're proud of something you've done for someone else, let's hear it! Spread that vibe -