Playlist // London Calling


Featherstone by The Paper Kites | Hand Lettering by MontgomeryFest Hugging and packing and planning and flying. That's what international moves are made of. Well, that and a million other tiny details that have our heads spinning at the moment. I keep thinking about the flight as a refresh button. How very hectic this side of it all is. How much we're packing (ha) into this week. And then, we'll close our eyes on the plane and wake up to the other side of all of this. The side that is so unknown and wide open for discovering a new city (a new country!) and meeting new people and finding our groove back with our lovely expat people (we're coming back, you guys!). The side that we choose and our world will revolve around and will set the scene for all of our plans that we have for London that have been bottled up for too long. Also the very, very patient side because it will take a crazy amount of time before our shipment will get there. The calendar is filling up, we even have our first visitor coming next week (!!), and, yet, it feels so untouchable until we wake up on the plane in the timezone of our next chapter. Thanks for coming along on this sentimental journey with me. It's good to have company. And now -Here are the tunes that have been my soundtrack through all of the above and probably the entire flight to London, too - the London Calling playlist. Feel free to sing along...because I probably am.