The Locals Do Date Night


Because we can totally own that title now.To celebrate this Crazy Adventure of Living in Brussels for One Year (spastic title necessary), J planned a surprise dinner at Henri near Place St. Catherine. We're a spread the party far and wide kinda family - group celebration night at Henri's | MontgomeryFestY'all. This resto. night at Henri | MontgomeryFestdate night at Henri | MontgomeryFestdate night at Henri | MontgomeryFestAmIRight? or am I right? A toast with champagne and gin+tonic and J pulling a fast one and making me the honorary wine taster - we always quibble for it. Does anyone else have this problem? If you're the wine taster, either way, it's such a silly feeling :: if you don't go through the tasting motions, then the waiter will judge you and know that you don't know how to properly taste. if you do go through the tasting motions, then the waiter and your company are sitting there waiting for you to finish all of the steps, because you can't properly taste the wine in a hurry..there's too many motions and so much pressure and you feel silly performing it over a recommended bottle. Plus, we've only ever seen one guy (total sterotypical Italian. sorry.) turn away the wine (and his food!) and it was the most awkward scene ever...and then, what? you'll taste another one and send it back too? Oh, it's just us? Got it.I haven't had sashimi as long as we've lived here - dunno why, perhaps it's an aversion to the North Sea - so tonight was the night.  And it was exactly as I had remembered it. Raw tuna + wasabi is what has been missing in my life.  J's pollack + potatoes + grey shrimp dish was finished in minutes, for good reason. And then he claimed the tiramisu was all mine and proceeded to finish the glass...the waiter called him out and I liked it a whole night as localsdate night as locals

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